Peless is a text file lister for X11 and Gtk.

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What is peless?

Peless is a simple text file lister. It only displays files and never modifies them. It can display multiple files using a tabbed notebook. It can display international characters. It can search the files for regular expressions or literal expressions. Users can choose the fonts used to display files. By the way, gless and kless (not the Klingon!) do not seem to be distributed with many distributions. Perhaps peless can replace them.

How do I use peless?

In a command context, like bash, or something like that, type: peless [list of files to display]
Once peless is going, you can click on notebook tabs to switch between files you want to view. You can use the File menu to open new files to display and stop displaying files you are currently displaying. You can quit the program from the File menu or from your window manager's X button. You can use the Edit menu to change the font and the font's size used in display in the files. You can also use the Edit menu to Search for text in your files. You can search for a literal string, or for a full fledged regular expression.

License = GPL.

Peless is released under the GPL.

Where can I get Peless?

There is a gtkmm2-2.4 version available as a tarball in files area.

Rpm repositories for peless can be found on OpenSuSE build service. Find peless on the build service using the search page. Add the proper peless repository for your distribution and architecture using the package management tool for your system, which might be Yast, Yum, urpmi, zypper, or smart. Then use the package management tool to install peless.

New debian based repositories are now on OpenSuse build service.

What are peless's dependencies?

Peless uses the following libraries:
The names of these dependencies varries slightly depending on Distribution. To get the dependencies point your GUI package tool (synaptic, yum, apt-get or whatnot) at the usual suspects and look for the above dependencies. 

Peless internals.

Peless is written in C++, using the Gtkmm and boost libraries. Peless is written in English at this time, but all user visible strings are indicated with the _() macro so it should be easy to translate. Any volunteers for translators?